Trans woman Caitlyn Jenner misgenders and then rages against “LGBT community”

Dylan Mulvaney is documenting her ongoing transition via social media

She uses she/they pronouns for transgender rights activist and TikTok star

Right-wingers seized upon old videos posted by Mulvany about her transition

 In one, she discusses people staring at her when she wore tight clothing because they could see a bulge in her crotch area

I forgot that my crotch doesn't look like other women's crotches sometimes

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney has said

Mulvaney said nothing about "exposing" her genitals but only about having a bulge in her crotch area

Others came to Mulvaney's defence, including cis women

Caitlyn Jenner shot one defense down, saying last Wednesday, "He's talking about his penis