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Conversation. In “Forgetting” he says that he is lifelong devotee of medicine but forgets to take it at the proper time even though it is stuffed in his pocket. He reveals his nature when he says that he is almost reluctant to trust a departing visitor to post an important letter. He reveals that he has a taste for walking sticks, does not carry an unbrella for fear of losing it, and always forgets to post a letter.

  1. In “Back to the Desk” he expresses his fondness for the relaxing work, and his dislike for the strenuous and tiring holidays.
  2. He finds stooping as the most exhausting part of golf.
  3. He has a dread for the strenuous walks

“I can watch the pine clouds above the setting sun from the office window without regarding them as an invitation to take you to unnecessary walk.” “I Tremble to Think” he expresses his dislike for those persons who are averse to any kind of change, who claim that they tremble to think while in reality they are as cool as cucumbers, and neither tremble nor think. He expresses his belief in the institution of the family but says that he has a dislike for underfeeding the children.

Write a summary of the essay, ‘On Holidays’.

Ans. Summary : The essayist describes the crowd that gathers at the railway station, because it is the season of the holidays young people are happy that they may get enough time for fun and leisure. Everyone is dressed in their best dress. Girls are laughing and their faces gleam with happiness. Older men carry a spade and bucket. The expression on their faces explains that they are prepared to undertake any trouble for the sake of their children. Oldermen once again wish to go back to their days of childhood. The purpose of having a holiday is to escape from the monotony of day today routine life.

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  • No one wishes to become a slave to a habit. Even the preachers advise people not to make the worship a mere habit,
  • but make it an outcome of an impulse towards divinity.
  • In the early days of the world men were least concerned about holidays.

Every one loves to enjoy the beauty of home life. But young men who do not wish to follow staling customs show courage, become soldiers, tramps or bhemians. The tendency of people to choose altered paths is chiefly responsible for such adventurous outings. A rover or a beggar has spirits that reach out to infinity. Any one who goes for holidaying cast his habitual ways aside like a filthy garment. In search of a holiday human race turns with gladness to the sea. There are natural rules by which the sea and sun are controlled. We have to reflect in our lives the kind of changes that occur in the everchanging sea. Azamgarh University Exam 

 Shortly write down about the prose style Hilaire Belloc.

Ans. Belloc’s prose style is on the whole free from Journalist peculiarties though many of his essays were originally written from newspapers and periodicals. He is at heart a scholar; and even through the rombling style of his essays the reader can mark the love of life, wellassimilated scholarship and intellectual maturity of the essayist. Belloc is a master of both long and short sentences. In a long sentence he is usually emotional and peotic. In a short sentence he is frequently ironical. Both these aspects, however, are beautifully integrated. The cream of Belloc’s essays are include in his valumes on nothing, on anything and on something.

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 Shortly discuss about the sense of humour of Hilaire Belloc.

Ans. His sense of humour is unfailing. It is not merely the ability to make joke

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